The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon

WHAT IS IT? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to buy goods and services through a decentralized network based on blockchain technology. Individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger administered by a computerized database using cryptography to secure transaction records through a network of computers. A defining feature is that they are generally

Should the Presidential Election Affect Your Investment Strategy?

Most voters say “yes” but historical research says “no”. It is common for voters to have strong beliefs supporting why their political candidate is more beneficial for Wall Street, but research would argue that is not the case. Stocks have historically performed well regardless of which party controls the White House (we will revisit this

RAP/Pension InterestRate Chart September 2020

BP EMPLOYEES, Interest rates for August, which impact BP Employees collecting their pension on December 1, were flat compared to November’s rates and mostly inline with our expectations. Our outlook for interest rates in January suggests we will see another month of minimal changes in rates. The slight change in rates means retirees should anticipate

RAP/Pension InterestRate Chart August 2020

BP EMPLOYEES, The interest rates for July, which impact BP Employees collecting their pension on November 1st, continued to decline and were almost exactly in line with our estimated rates. For those of you currently elected for a November 1st Benefit Commencement date, we recommend you keep the elected date. If you have not yet

RAP/Pension InterestRate Chart July 2020

BP EMPLOYEES, June’s interest rates impacting those of you collecting your pension on October 1st, declined as expected and was mostly in line with our forecast from last month. The impact these lower rates will have on your pension value can vary significantly from person to person. It is important to take a close look

RAP/Pension InterestRate Chart June 2020

BP EMPLOYEES, May interest rates, affecting those of you selecting September 1st as your benefit commencement date, continued to decline. This decline was mostly in line with our expectations and gradual declines in coming months are expected.  September is currently the best month to collect your pension lump sum. The Federal Reserve expanded its bond

RAP/Pension InterestRate Chart May 2020

BP EMPLOYEES, April’s interest rates, affecting those of you retiring before August 1st, show a substantial decline versus March’s rates. We expect May rates to continue that decline as US Government stimulus programs continue their current track. Please note, we are forecasting another noticeable rate drop in May and as result, September is currently the